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A productive start to 2019

It’s been a while since I posted. I found it difficult in the summer to juggle a very difficult time at work that had been ongoing since spring and provide attention to my three children; support with their school work, deal with holiday, clubs, being a taxi service and the fact that the kids are staying up later as they get older leaving us adults with little time before we have to go to bed, in addition to managing my long term health issues, and general everyday life. Obviously, the first thing to go is the hobby time. I would look at Instagram and wonder at how these women had time to pump out so many projects on so many platforms, and it made me feel a little useless and a tiny bit envious.

Things have settled considerably at work which has helped enormously but there is still very little time in the evenings now and that’s taking a bit of getting used to. We engage with the children in the evenings and weekends to stop them using electronics all the hours but with three of them, it leaves time for little else.

I don’t do new years resolutions, I think they can be a weight around your neck but this year I did feel we needed something as a family to help push us, help us achieve, something to focus on so I have given us a keyword ‘PRODUCTIVE’. I am saying it more to the children and my husband, slipping it into conversation, appropriately, no pressure on anyone, hoping it will be a subliminal, positive message. I actually discussed it with my husband as we have a project that must be finished this year and I feel having a keyword to focus on will help us achieve this.

I documented our keyword in a layout inspired by the Gogo Getaway January challenge on Facebook. I used a photo I took of my husband and I the day I created the layout. As it was more of a narrative I was capturing than a pictorial, I decided to make a booklet, sewing the spine and popping my thoughts inside. The book is stored in an interactive envelope, tied together to keep it closed. When you remove the book it has the saying ‘Stronger Together’ underneath as this is how I feel about my family unit. I love making pages my kids have to take out of the album to find hidden journallin, although this is hardly hidden!

Most of what was used came from my Nov/Dec Quirky Kit by Crafty Templates.


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